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Elegant Wines to Satisfy Your Sophisticated Tastes

Have a taste of our Bordeaux wine, which is one of the most popular French wines. BNP Distributing Company in New York, New York, provides the finest wines, spirits, and liqueurs at reasonable rates. We offer exclusive wines with competitive prices that you won't find anywhere else.

Champagne with Ice

Gaining Loyal Customers through the Years

We have come a long way since our company owner, David Waldenberg, purchased the business in 1990. With more than 80 years of combined experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on being the trusted wine source of many restaurants. We sell our wines to retailers and distributors, and we strive to build more partnerships in the years to come.

Prestigious Wines from All over the World

Collect the finest wines from across the globe. All of our wines are unblended so that they fully represent their respective regions. We get our top-quality wines from chateaus in:

France | California | New York | Argentina | New Zealand | Oregon | Washington | Spain

The French Wine Experience

Savor the taste of France and choose from a variety of our well-loved French wines. We have organic wines from Southern France and Loire Valley, as well as French specialty wines like:

Classified Bordeaux | Burgundy | Beaujolais | Rhône | Provence 

Vintage Champagne to Collect

 Get access to vintage champagne that we receive yearly. We select our champagne to make sure you get top-quality products. The grapes used were grown in the French Champagne region and were processed through the Methode Champenoise. View our detailed inventory of wine producers

Spirits and Liqueurs for the Drinkers

Enjoy a vast selection of drinks. We offer organic spirits from multiple distributors, such as the Green Bar in Los Angeles. We carry gin, vodka, whiskey, and tequila. You can also choose from an array of liqueurs in flavors such as:

Poppy | Jasmine | Hibiscus | Orange | Ginger 

Wine Bottles Covered with Cork